Numerical simulation of droplets deformation and breakup in shearing flows


  • G. K. Ivanitsky Інститут інженерної теплофізики, Київ, Ukraine



A mathematical model is presented that describes the deformation of a single drop suspended in another immiscible liquid under shear flow. The deformed droplet is assumed to be in the form of prolate ellipsoid of revolution. The drop deformation is regarded as motion of the centers mass of the half-drops, symmetrical with respect to the drop center. The effects of viscid and capillary forces on the drop deformation accounted for in modeling with the aid of the mechanical Voight’s model. A simple criterion for destruction of droplets in shear flows has been obtained. The results of numerical calculations for droplet deformation in shear flows are presented in comparison with experimental data of other authors. It is shown that the model allows the prediction of behavior of deformed drops in shear flows over a wide range of flow regimes and physical parameters of the both liquid phases.